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Timely Penny Stock Alerts

To outsmart or beat the market you need very timely info, we use high tech scanners coupled with real time data as well as human scanning in search of the next Penny Stock that can Run High or Breakout. Sign up above, to get our Stock Robot Newsletter! By joining our newsletter you will get explosive penny stock alerts which will help you better understand the Otc Markets in noticing trends or breakouts. Learn to find stocks that are poised to run high and chart patterns that are poised to breakout. Our goal is to help make you a better Penny Stock Trader and Penny Stock Investor.

Get the Latest Data on Emerging Companies

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How the Stock Robot Works

Our Newsletter and Penny Stock Alerts are free and email based; simply sign up to start receiving our rare undiscovered stock alerts and reports.  Based on real time scanners we save you a lot of time from researching the market and we can make your life easier.

Penny Stock Strategy and Getting Started

Penny Stocks allow the smaller investor to get started in the stock market with as little as $500 you can start investing in the Penny Stock Market. We have developed a specialized stock scanner technique that searches the market everyday looking to discover penny stocks that are poised to breakout and run high. Through trial and error our scanners go further than just criteria’s because we personally add a mortal sense in watching and scanning the market for certain configurations. Sign up to the Stock Robot Newsletter for Free to Get Inside!                                                                                                                                                                                                          robot2 225x300 Home

How to Trade Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks can be hard due to the volatility, our newsletter and timely alerts cuts through the disarray to report on Fast Emerging companies (Penny stocks that run high).

Penny Stock Enigmas

There are no real ‘major’ penny stock secrets except for a lot of hard work that we have put into developing our special penny stock scanning methods. There are no actual penny stock robots or penny stock psychics. There are plenty of other websites out there claiming to have secrets or superior recipes but the bottom line is they are actually trying to dupe you into spending money on their platforms. Our website, Stock Robot, will always remain free and our superior reports will help you in finding new explosive type penny stock companies.

Penny Stocks and the Otc Markets: Money-Making Potential with the Right Strategy!

Don’t let the term “penny stocks alarm you away from this profitable investment opportunity! There are serious money-making opportunities in the world of penny stocks. With the help of the Stock Robot, you can better learn the ins and outs of penny stock investing and penny stock trading before you tap into the money-making opportunities that await you.

Just like every other publicly traded stock, there will always be risks, but also the probability of great rewards (gains) for those who take the time to study penny stocks, monitor their investments and manage their penny stock positions wisely.

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The Stock Robot Newsletter Alerts are jam packed with informative market data and specialized articles that can help you enhance your trading style and edge. In this newsletter you will find everything organized in a professional manner so you don’t have to spend endless hours performing due diligence on the thousands of companies out there. We do that for you! In our newsletter you will find the hottest news, companies and market sectors you should be looking at right now! Even if you’re just looking to become a Serious Penny Stock Trader and Penny Stock Investor, but don’t know where to begin – look no further. We want you to feel confident in the news and information we publish. That’s why we are constantly researching and updating our website to bring you the latest information.

Whether it’s every day, week or every month, you can expect our newsletter to hit your email box, and when it does it will be a Penny Stock that looks to Run High. We understand that you are devoted to the market, which is why we are devoted to you!

Benefits of Trading Otc Stocks, Penny Stocks, Small Cap Stocks and Micro Cap Stocks compared to Blue Chip Stocks!

Small Priced Stocks vs Big Priced Stocks

Investing in higher priced stocks such as Apple, IBM, Google, Dell, Microsoft as well as any of the other Big Internet Stocks certainly has its rewards if you have sufficient funds to invest with however the problem with most Blue Chip stocks (Big Priced Stocks) is the waiting period (time you need to hold) involved to see a real gain from your investment. This is mostly because they trade at much higher prices than small cap stocks.  Now, once in a while you might see a mid to large cap “Blue Chip” doubles in price, or perhaps rise a few hundred percent however the reality is…… It just doesn’t occur as often as it does in the Otc market or Penny Stock Market.

Trading Otc Stocks, Penny Stocks, Small Cap Stocks and Micro Cap Stocks is risky however it can be very profitable for the refined penny stock investor or penny stock trader.  You can have a major short term advantage over Blue Chips and large Priced Stocks.  Let’s say you were to invest $1000 in a $50 Blue Chip stock!  Well, that’s means you would only be able to buy 20 shares of stock.  In order for you to see 100% return on your money in that $50 stock, that stock would have to run to $100 per share, which might take a substantial amount of time, and there’s no assurance it will increase in the short term or the long term for that matter.

On the flip side, Otc Stocks and Penny Stocks have the ability to move hundreds, even thousands of Percentage Points in a day, unlike the environment of the Mid to Large Cap Stocks (Blue Chips).  

Are you aware that there are penny stocks in the market hat trade at .01 per share that have the ability of rising to run to $1.00 per share?  Every day in the Otc Market and Penny Stock Market there are micro-cap stocks (penny stocks) that fluctuate between .01 to .05 or .10-.20 or .20 to $1.00.  This happens every day and is a normal occurrence!!!  Experienced penny stock investors and penny stock traders are making huge money $$$$$$…  The question is, Do you want a piece of the pie?                                                                         emailrobot3 240x300 Home

Why Join Stock Robot? O.K., for example, let’s say you invest that same $1000 in a .01 penny stock. Now, because of a Penny Stocks nature, that stock will fluctuate due to News, Market Makers, Volume, Attitude of Investors, etc……. If you are educated and know how to buy into the momentum or in the dip “low point of a penny stock play”, you can very easily see your investment doubled (Gain 100% or more) in a matter 1-2 days.  You buy the penny stock at .01 and sell it at .02.  You’ve have just doubled your investment!  You now have $2000 in cash or $2000 to invest with.  Remember, that this penny stock only has to move 1 cent (.01) for you to make 100% or double your money!  These types of stock fluctuations happen on a daily if not hourly basis in the Otc Markets & Penny Stock Markets.  No image if that penny stock jumped to .05?  You would have made 400% or $4000 on a $1000 investment. I hope you see where we are going with this.  The same method is repetitive for higher priced penny stocks that trade at .05, .10, .20, .30, .40, .50, etc… The question is this, do you want to make these kinds of gains in the market?  The only trick to being successful in this industry is knowing how to invest and where to invest and that’s where we, the Stock Robot, can help you out if you Sign Up Today! We will alert you some of the Hottest and Fastest Moving Otc Stocks and Penny Stocks in the Market…Free of Charge!!!

Trade Penny Stocks Online: Need a Penny Stock Broker or Penny Stock Brokerage Firm?

A few online brokers you could use to trade Otc Stocks and Penny Stocks are Trade King, Charles Schwab, EtradeTDAmeritradeScottrade, and Interactive Brokers.

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